Positioning and attracting interest in a new high-end office building

In 2020, we walked in the fresh air, creating and successfully establishing a brand and naming one of the retail parks in the city of Plovdiv, namely VIA Park. After two years of valuable work, the client called us on a gloomy January morning with good news. Entrust us with another project that will be just a step away from VIA Park – a newly built and modern office building.

While each floor was still under construction, it was our task to create a name and logo for the new brand. We each drank a warm coffee and got to work.

The building was designed in order to satisfy the highest requirements for functionality, representativeness, and flexible interior solutions. Because of all the advantages and amenities, it offers to its business tenants, we bet on the insight of the building’s location, right next to the VIA Park retail park, which has established itself as a preferred place for shopping, walking, and lunch. The brand was also well-positioned and recognizable. We quickly reached the name of the newly built office building, namely VIA Offices.

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It’s time for the next step – creating a landing page. So, we designed an informative site, with a clean design, which you can view HERE. Visitors to the landing page can find more information about the features, benefits, and amenities, as well as the location of the office space in the new and modern office building. Any interested user can submit a request for his new office, in which to develop the potential of his business.


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In order to communicate VIA Park and VIA Offices in the best way to the B2B audience, we created a corporate presentation for online and offline environments.

We brought the brand under a common style across all online and offline channels and took care of positioning it as one of the few high-end business buildings in the city. However, our client needed quick familiarization and inquiries. We started by maintaining a LinkedIn profile and conducting a targeted advertising campaign to certain companies in and around Plovdiv, for which we already had information that they were considering moving or expanding into a new office building. The campaigns were developed only in English and were also aimed at certain decision-makers, CEOs, and other ex-pats who were in senior managerial positions in international companies positioned in the economic zones around Plovdiv. The audience showed the greatest interest in the carousels, with which we periodically revealed the main advantages of the new and modern building. We generated very good results and reached out to potential clients who were interested in a new office for their business.


We also unleashed our creativity in terms of advertising campaigns. Our main goal was both to familiarize the audience with the new and modern office building and to attract and position the building as a definite leader in the city.

We also created a short video that gave users the opportunity to look behind the walls of the office building.

So, just a few months after our meeting with the client, we successfully positioned the newly built high-end office building, VIA Offices. We continued to work on attracting interest in it from local and international companies.

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