TEDx – Inspiration on another level

There will be one Sunday in April that won’t be like no one else. In Plovdiv – The city of seven hills young and successful speakers will be displaying their very essence and emotionality, telling life-changing stories. They make us not only emotional but truly interested, motivated and inspired.  We are pleasеd and extremely excited to be partners to the most motivational event, promoting the development of Plovdiv.

What is TEDx?

TEDx is an independently organized TED event, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. TED was founded in February 1984 as a conference, which has been held annually since 1990. TED events address a wide range of topics within the research and practice of science and culture, often through storytelling. The speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways they can.


When and where will explode the TEDx inspiration?

TEDx is held for the first time in Plovdiv on April 23-rd in the Dramatic Theatre Plovdiv.  The event is suitable for English-speakers, devices for simultaneous translation are provided.


Who are the incredible motivational TEDx speakers?

There will be more than 15 speakers with different interests and professions. In the list, there are names such as:

1. Teodora Georgieva – Theodora is a trainer and she is certified on 3 continents for a number of different models for managing people. It is the only master trainer in Bulgaria in Situational Leadership Experience of Ken Blanchard. Moreover, she is an interpreter of the types of people on the model of Mayer Brix (MBTI).

2. Dimitur Petrov – Cartoon animator, who made the first cartoon series, inspired by Bulgarian Folklore – “The Golden Apple”. He will share the dream idea of creation a cartoon for Bulgarian traditions and give the opportunity young artists to join the project.

3. Maxim Behar – PR & Marketing – the founder of M3 Communications Group, Inc, President of ICCO – The global PR Organization. He will talk about “The Price of Living in Social Media Chaos”.

4. Karina Karagaeva – She is a certified corporate trainer, Business development manager and… a musician. She worked with Apple Inc., IBM и Xerox. She sings and plays a piano. Karina explores the way the brain works during the creative process and reveal why it is important to use this particular ability to create business for the future, enjoying the process, like enjoying your favorite song.

5. Preslav Mihaylov – Software Engineer, who is involved in the development of the electronics of the most popular cars in Europe. He is an avid gamer who likes to play all computer games, as well as many board games lately. And he is a teacher who explains writing software with rabbits and turtles. The story that he will present will be: “Why blaming others stops our growth”.

6. Stefan Chekanov is co-founder and CEO of Brosix, chat application for business use, whose main purpose is to provide a secure internal communication. He will tell us about the difficult road to develop, improve and maintain successfully for more than 10 years its place in the market competition of giants like Skype and Slack.


Here you can find more incredible speakers.


Why spend your weekend time visiting TEDx?

TEDx is an incredible event with the most inspiring and real life stories shared from people to people. This is the place where you can click on the turn-off button from the fast rhythm and to dive in the most motivational stories that you’ve ever heard. It is sure that you will fall in a pleasant environment, improve your social life and be filled with energy for new challenges. TEDx is not an event used to sell something. TEDx is the event that is held 19,995 times and will be organized 1,665 until the end of the year. It can stimulate all of your senses and give you a whole new vision for your future. One Sunday can change the ,perception of what surrounds you…

Be there! Be inspired!