Markovo Vita Nova – between the city and the mountain

A real estate investment company contacted us about a brand that needed us to “create” it from scratch, bring it to life, and work on the brand idea behind it. The project was a closed residential complex in the village of Markovo, Plovdiv. The concept is not just another residential complex, but an innovative concept for living in Plovdiv. For those who like to live spaciously, the complex offers so-called detached houses, located on an area of ​​250 sq.m. – on two floors, with a large yard. For those who are traditionalists and prefer to live in an apartment, the complex also has them – a completely new, modern, and preferred concept – apartments outside the city, close to the mountain. Thirdly, the complex has taken care of the needs of those users who want to replace the stuffy apartment in the city, but with an affordable house, and that is close to the mountain. The townhouses of the complex have small and comfortable yard that is easy to care for, and the investment in a townhouse is equal to that of an apartment.

And as we shared at the beginning, our task was to build the brand and position it – the favorite task of the freaks. So we began to create a new family, paying attention to each member of it. Inspired by the insight that a new home is always a new beginning, of a new life, for every family, we started with the first member – the name of the brand. We named it Markovo Vita Nova, which translates as “new life in Markovo”. We visited the complex with the team, as it is extremely important to get to know the brand closely before brainstorming. While we were walking around Markovo Vita Nova, it struck us that on one side you can see the Rhodope Mountains, and when you look on the other side – you see the beautiful Plovdiv. This is how the slogan was born – between the city and the mountain.

Our next task was to build the site while our client was finishing the apartments in the complex. We wanted the website to be as user-friendly as possible. And so the end result was – a compact site where users could do their virtual tour with just a few clicks – SEE HERE. Are you wondering how? In our active panel, we have given users the opportunity to explore the new home options we offer – apartments and townhouses. With just one click, they could get to know their future new home – distribution of floors and rooms, square footage, and every other detail. View the active panel HERE.

The time for the aggressive online and offline offensive was approaching, but before that, we had to prepare some brand and corporate identity materials.

MarkovoVitaNova_Business_Card_final_mockup (1)

MarkovoVitaNova_Flyer_A4_Mockup_02 (1)

The brand was already built, we just had to position it. We have started the preparation of the advertising campaign in the online and offline environments.

We flooded the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages with creative content, based on various insights that occurred to the freaks.

Apart from all this, we wanted to add more and more value for the users, and for that reason, we kept developing our client’s blog. And because behind the brand, there was an inspiring brand idea, which always had something more to reveal. Check out the blog HERE.

In the meantime, we have prepared a large-scale offline campaign involving many diverse channels.

Key locations of billboards and city lights in Plovdiv were flooded with our creative visuals.

Неозаглавен дизайн (1)

Неозаглавен дизайн (3) (2)

Неозаглавен дизайн (6) (1)

The radios kept playing our messages. And if you want to listen, do it HERE.

The PR article and banners were positioned on the top page, in the most-read Plovdiv media – Plovdiv24.

The brand was also present in two Plovdiv malls – Markovo Tepe mall and Plaza mall.
Неозаглавен дизайн (1)Неозаглавен дизайн (2)

We also positioned ourselves on the video wall in the Plaza mall, where visitors could learn more information about all the amenities of the complex.

We created a short video with which users could get to know in detail what new possibilities will be opened for them by choosing Markovo Vita Nova.

We also filmed an interview with one of our satisfied customers, who will soon settle down with his family in his new home, between the city and the mountains.

And so, step by step, we successfully created another brand, giving a new life to it, between the city and the mountain. There are three phases to the project, which we proudly covered 2 phases, which included 2 residential buildings, with 20 apartments each, as well as 28 townhouses. Phase 3 – to come. And so the time just flew by… 4 months of hard work on organizing the campaign, and then – endless moments filled with creatives. Markovo Vita Nova is not just a brand, but a dream home that was waiting for its new inhabitants.

And you keep following our blog, for more brands that we create from scratch. We only need an idea, a client – partner and a little courage.


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