Creative with a floral scent

Each of us visualizes the flower shop as a small, picturesque place with a variety of flowers. Gebov Flowers Bar will change your perception of the standard and take you to a magical place of floral arrangement.


You didn’t expect that, did you? A luxurious place with a pastry shop that combines elegance and perfectionism.

Such an oasis, which brings style and aesthetics to the presentation and offering of flowers, must be refined to the smallest detail.

The idea for the sophisticated world of floristry was already a fact, but a logo and a website were missing to make it all complete. We accepted the challenge without a second thought.

We were inspired by the mission and vision of the first flower shop of its kind and immersed in colorful creativity. We created a logo that combines uniqueness and brand identity.


The design is inspired by the chemical compound of serotonin, while we partially preserved the structures from the formula. It is also known as the “happiness” formula. Inspired by the overall structure, we created a luxurious and stylish logo that is unique and speaks for itself and the brand identity.

Gebov_FB Cover_02.03.2020

After completing the first step, we immersed ourselves even more in the harmony of colors, shapes, and scents. We started developing a website that turned into a real gem. We put a lot of effort, love, creativity, and polished it down to the last pixel, betting on elite styling.

Dive in and feel the magic of floral arrangement – through the bold styling, we used in the visuals for Gebov Flowers Bar.

GEBOV_March_ImagePost 2

14 February

8 march

Our work with Gebov Flowers Bar was short but filled with many positive emotions and new knowledge from the world of floristry. We used bold and innovative ideas that successfully changed everyone’s perception of the standard flower shop.

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Galq have a Bachelor's degree in Marketing & Advertising from which follows the digital marketing to become an integral part of her life. She is young, energetic, responsible and open to new knowledge. She describes herself as a person who handles hardships, loves challenges, and strives to achieve everything she puts her focus on.