“You don’t know it, but it excites you” or how we imposed a completely unknown Chinese car brand on the Bulgarian market

When the unknown brand of Chinese SUVs “Haval” entered Bulgaria, it immediately faced the logical problem of how to attract the attention of the demanding Bulgarian consumer and convince him that it was worth it – definitely a difficult task, but not for our bombastic creative team.

Fortunately, the product came with an extensive package of advantages over other cars of the same class – rich vehicle equipment at a basic level, high quality of input materials and last but not least – over 30% price advantage. Wow, right? All we had to do is convince the audience to give it a chance. After that, the results were guaranteed by the wonderful competitive advantages of the car.

After rejecting hundreds of ideas, we decided to delve into the eternal human pursuit of exploration – the new and the unknown is always surrounded by some mystery and longing. This is the story of how one of our favourite slogans for a campaign was born:



The luxurious look of the car perfectly complements the ethereal feeling it brings to potential customers and certainly creates a desire to get to know it. ???? We continued to brand the Haval H2 and the results were more than good:


Our online communication continued to follow the same line, and very soon more and more enthusiasts were interested in the new addition to the SUV market:

4 copy



After our very successful introduction of the brand, and in particular the H2 model in Bulgaria, a natural continuation of our partnership was the introduction of the next model – Haval H6.

The campaign for the H6 – the larger and newer model of H2 – was based on the already established connection with the brand and the trust build with the Bulgarian consumers. All we had to do was to find a suitable way to emphasize the benefits of the model – uncompromising security, attention to detail, intuitive handling, enchantment with the brand and a whole new feeling generated by the interaction with this SUV. The vision, as you might guess, turned out to be more than good:





The harmonious color composition, the subtle design and the strong slogan launched a super successful campaign, highlighting that the “new” does not need to be greeted with distrust but, on the contrary, has enormous appeal, especially in combination with positive associations such as ” sensation“, „technology“, „emotion“.

We have presented the vision in attractive digital formats as well:


An informative landing page with a nice design and yet again a detailed, emotional highlight of the benefits of the model – https://haval.bg/the-suv-leader/

Moreover, on a billboard it looks just as good and definitely catches your eye and makes you want to meet.


Customers on the Bulgarian market were already well aware of and communicating with the brand and it was time for a slightly different buy-back campaign for used cars – customers were given the opportunity to change their old car for a brand new Haval H2 or H6. Moreover,  they got the little pleasure of interacting with our fun landing page for the campaign and the slider that changed the car and direction, again emphasizing the “new”, “change”, “direction” – https://haval.bg/buy-back/




Our next enjoyable task was a campaign to stimulate consumer interest in test driving  some of the models. After extensive brainstorming and a thorough research of the benefits of the car, some great campaign insights were born – the lights of the Haval H6 are so good that it’s definitely worth the customer to actually try them. The brand’s main target is working people over 35 in managerial positions or who run their own business and they are busy during the bright part of the day. Why not offer them a non-standard touch to the brand then? They will positively like it. And so we invited them to a different evening experience – the night test drive of the Haval H6.





Our first “night vision” looked great in different digital formats and was well received by the audience.


During the brand’s winter campaigns, we were also able to create something truly fun and enjoyable – a ski wardrobe vision:


Then we crafted the brand’s print communication – a charming Christmas card and pricing lists for both Haval H2 & H6 models.



We are pleased with the results and the good partnership with Haval and look forward to our next challenging, innovative and creative projects with the brand.  Continue following us and look forward to our new good hits, useful practices and valuable tips. ????