The dream of Italy at the heart of a cosmetics brand

In anticipation of the coming winter, we at Social Freaks received a brief from, not anywhere, but warm Italy. We were contacted by a relatively new cosmetics brand – Imperium Est, which had the opportunity to successfully position itself not only in Italy but also internationally. We will talk about the brand idea and what we created in the following lines.

The most distinctive feature of the brand

Imperium Est products were characterized by two main competitive advantages that distinguished them from most brands on the market – the Airglass Slim Refill technology on the packaging and one of the ingredients of the products – cannabis oil. Airglass Slim Refill packaging cares for the environment by reducing waste and contributing to a longer life of the contents. In addition, the packaging is not only benefiting the environment but also the customers themselves, who can use it repeatedly, thereby saving money. Cannabis oil is characterized by a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, which helps to treat a number of skin problems – acne, dryness, dermatitis, atopic skin, etc.

The brand idea

The brand name itself is inspired by the phrase “Imperare sibi maximum imperium est” by the famous Seneca, which means “To command yourself is the greatest power”. After the quality and advantages of the products, the second most important thing is to introduce you to the brand idea, and it is deeply affected by the essence of Italy. Talking about Italy, we immediately make a deep connection with three things – mysticism, art, and refinement. Well, these are the three main lines of communication that we set in while building the style and creating quality messages. Neither the customer nor us the freaks wanted to follow the imposed and repetitive patterns of cosmetic brands – before and after using the products. The client and we wanted to break the stereotypes imposed in the cosmetic industry.

With a slice of pizza in hand and a glass of white wine, we started thinking about the insights.

The identity, style, and communication we created featured a clean and distinctive design line that deeply touched the dream of Italy. We divided the posts into two main groups – product and engaging.

Our second line of communication was the theme of self-improvement and personality development, born from the deep insight that beauty first begins from within. The insight was very well interpreted in the product posts, which we will reveal a little later in the article.

The product visuals

Art direction

A clean background, combined with chiffon symbolizes the tenderness and aesthetics behind the Imperium Est brand and the emotion that the product carries with it, namely – elegance, refinement, and self-awareness.
We drew inspiration from the indestructible bond between man and nature, combining a sense of sophistication and purity. We bet entirely on the simple style with geometric shapes. They represent the four elements – air, earth, fire, water, with which the specific product series is associated.

ImperiumEsProductPost_Reborn Men_Gel CleanserImperiumEst_Art_Direction_ProductPost_January2022_Body_Scrab
ImperiumEst_Art_Direction_ProductPost_January2022_Reborn_Day_CreamImperiumEst_Product Post_BeBright_Eye Contour
Time to take you into the mystical world of copywriting. HERE you can read many useful articles that will surely be useful to you and with the help of which you will understand how to take care of your inner and outer beauty. The theme of self-development is the main focus of the blog posts that add value to the customers and challenge them to be creators rather than just customers. Value yourself first.

And as the cherry on top… we also create videos that don’t just present the product or the article but create an experience. This is what a product video looks like.

And what a video for an article looked like.

If you want to see all the videos we’ve created so far, you can do it on the official YouTube channel of Imperium Est – HERE.

So, with a lot of love, passion, and curiosity, we managed to impose the brand idea in the overall communication of Imperium Est, taking care not just of the communication of a cosmetic brand, but creating a whole experience filled with a lot of mystique, sophistication, style, and self-motivation.

Don’t forget to take care of your skin, but above all don’t forget about your inner beauty and strength. It can also help by following our blog.

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