The vacation you’re looking for, or how to use chatbots

New Wave Holidays is a innovative Bulgarian brand, a preferred tour operator for holidays and trips among Bulgarian travelers and one of our favorite clients. The huge advantage of the brand is the option to pack the best offer for airplane, hotel, and transfer by comparing the best deals. The ability to choose the best combination undoubtedly makes them the leader in this sector.

In our work, over the years, many creative campaigns have been born that have increased the interest and attention to the brand, and it was time to think of mechanics that will bring us a much better engagement. Thus, the idea of introducing a chatbot in the communication between the clients and the brand was born to make it easier for them to interact.

But what makes chatbots an essential element of the marketing strategy of the brand?

  • It gives us countless opportunities to reach consumers.
  • There is an extremely high engagement rate.
  • It offers a huge variety of tools for different campaigns.
  • The user-friendly interface of the platform is extremely easy to use.

And these are just some of the benefits the platform gives us.

That’s why we decided to bet on it for multiple and different campaigns, with changing goals every time, but still with good results. We went through various tactics and goals, but each one was a natural extension of the previous ones and built on the original idea.

Let’s take a look at successful examples with various tools and tactics, created for New Wave Holidays, showing some of the mandatory components that are part of our work with chatbots. When creating our first chatbots, the basic idea was awareness and familiarizing the audience with the usefulness of chatbots.

1. Chatbot Main Menu

The ultimate goal for this chatbot was to make communication easier for users and to create a mini menu that would help them receive the top offers of the brand. Thus, when users connect with a chatbot, they interact with the main menu that accompanies them in searching for top offers by destination and enables them to make their inquiry.

The main menu is a simple and easy way to provide our subscribers with useful options such as a link to the main site, important brand information, contacts, offers, and more, it is only necessary to update it with new and varied information once in a while.




2. Keywords

Keywords are what makes it possible to automate chatbots almost indefinitely. And with the right words, you can easily provoke more engagement, which was the goal of our next chatbot. However, the content, besides useful, should be both fun and enjoyable. Who would refuse a dose of humor and positivism? This is how we created a chatbot with personalized fun wishes and a destination proposition for every client who used the platform based on the zodiac sign because it’s a pretty popular trend in recent years and definitely engages an ever-increasing mass. After activation of the chatbot, the only thing that clients need to do is to indicate their sign and we were required to predict all the possible ways in which they would write their zodiac sign.

Of course, the goal was achieved, and many customers recognized themselves in their messages and suggestions for rest and pleasant stay, which led to a greatly increased engagement with the brand.


33. Growth tool 

Undoubtedly this is our favorite tool. You only need to think of engaging content to make people comment on your social media post. You can accumulate thousands of subscribers with just one post, as long as it’s creative enough, of course.

That’s how we used it – we created a post that encouraged users to guess some destination. Then everyone who responded correctly received a surprise, which in this case is the top offer for the particular destination.

The main goal that was set in this chatbot campaign was engaging customers and gathering subscribers. The results unambiguously show how successful the campaign has been:

  • 886 Subscribers
  • 71 309 – Reach
  • 6 201 – Engagement


It is important to remember to give value to users, otherwise, you risk losing some of them.

4.  Broadcasting

After gathering enough subscribers, finally comes the time for you to start reaping the fruits of your labor – with Broadcast messages you send content to users that will bring you an extra high CTR – because, as we know, no one does ignore their Messenger Messages.

The results we achieved from 8 personalized messages are:

  • 8778 sent messages
  • 17% open rate
  • 22,9% CTR


And these are just some of the many chatbot tools you can use to reach thousands of users and successfully engage them with your brand. The place of chatbots in the marketing strategies of the brand today is really important, so it’s definitely worth giving it a try. With creativity, a good idea and a little work, you can achieve results in a variety of directions, whether your goal is awareness, engagement or more subscribers. Just try it. 🙂
And we will continue to keep track of developments in the field and share our success stories. Do not stop keeping track of us. 😉