Nutritional supplements and how are they marketed online?

In the creative industry, the main question for all agencies and professionals is “How to be even more creative?”. It’s no secret that artists often help themselves with various substances. Let’s face it – so do we. But what did you think? We will talk to you about nutritional supplements!

The brief came from one of the largest importers and distributors of nutritional supplements and vitamins for Bulgaria. We accepted the challenge the client gave us – new communication for the online store and portal, as well as management of the Facebook and Instagram profiles of several imposed brands – Alive Multivitamins, Natural Factors, Nature’s Way, Webber Naturals. We liked the task and it made us dive into research and get to know the brands in detail.

We took the first step and stepped into the customer’s shoes. It was time for our favorite, namely – art direction and bringing each individual brand under a new common style. Since the creation of the company, through the rapid development and the addition of various brands in its portfolio, there was no unified and imposed style for presenting the products and services of, Alive Multivitamins, Natural Factors, Nature’s Way, Webber Naturals. We created a variety of product posts that addressed users’ top pain points.






We unleashed our creativity in relation to the stories too.

Our experience shows that the practice of adapting post visuals to story format is a working strategy for different value propositions and new product launches.


We learned a lot about nutritional supplements and realized that dealing with creative and design was nothing compared to the work of the colleague who was writing the copies for them. 🙂 But that’s a topic for another story.

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