How to be creative in the field of vitamins and nutritional supplements

At Social Freaks, we know how to break stereotypes and be creative in our work.

We’ve already told you about our clients Revita, Alive Multivitamins, Natural Factors, Nature’s Way, and Webber Naturals, but let’s introduce them again in a different light. We drank our daily cocktail of creativity and got down to business. You might be asking yourself how is it possible to be creative in the realm of vitamins and health. The answer is simple – quite easy. With a lot of knowledge and curiosity and a dash of imagination, we’ve created the most important ingredient – creative vitamin and supplement content on social media! In the following lines, we will also reveal to you our secret ingredient on how to engage the audience of such a brand.

Each month, in addition to product posts on their fan profiles, we also published more uncommon, engaging visuals for users.

For each individual brand, they were brought together under a general style – our designers were inspired by new trends. In the following lines, you will find our healthy recipe for creative social media content.

For our client Revita, we created monthly educational posts to inform users about key product ingredients and their benefits. We also took advantage of the important questions of the target. We also prepared visuals for the holidays. You will also see them below.



For Natural Factors, we shared fun visuals on Facebook to engage their target audience.





On the Nature’s Way profile, we have maintained a “Dictionary of Herbs” section. We also engaged users with fun riddles. This audience was a real challenge for us!


In the profile of Alive Multivitamins, we also created a column, but with a different focus – “Quote of the Day”. Each month we’ve posted inspiring thoughts on health and self-care. It was extremely fun.




Did you know… On Webber NaturalsFacebook, you’ll learn how! We added value to this brand with the educational rubric – “Did you know that…” and “#Ingredient of the Day”. Through it, we wanted to better familiarize users with the products they trust. It was extremely important for them to dive deep into the product.



We got to know each brand’s consumer pain point in detail and created monthly columns to enrich their knowledge. Our creative posts were a huge success and we were flooded with positive comments and responses. So tell me, was it that hard to be creative in the field of vitamins and supplements? We think the answer is no. Everything was very interesting, and the group of freaks turned into one big laboratory for creativity.

If you want to learn how we brought together the largest importers and distributors of nutritional supplements and vitamins under a common style – you know where it is, namely on our blog!


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