About the cars, the campaigns and the creative

Haven’t we all watched those amazing movies for the boom of advertising agencies in the middle of the past century? We have all admired the shiny dresses, the stylish ladies and the sharp guys from Madison Avenue. And we all learned that every prestige agency shall have cigarettes and cars brands as customers.

Nowadays the healthy lifestyle has totally won our hearts and minds, that we decided to give up the tobacco temptations, but working for a proven car brand was still a fun and meaningful thing to do. Thus, we start up our work engine as we started our partnership with one of the most popular car brands – BMW.

In the beginning we started out with a few smaller projects for the brand as Used Cars Sales Campaign. The objective of the campaign was to trigger interest in used cars BMW, offered by Bova Car Sofia and increase the sales through promoting car models on the official page of Bova Car Sofia and collection of a database with e-mails of potential target customers through a Landing Page.2-2-392x6503-2-452x650

Working with a brand like BMW, we were limited to a certain extend and couldn’t use our full designers’ potential, because the brand has certain requirements for the visuals, associated with it and allows only the usage of certain fonts and visuals, supplied by the brand.

As difficult as adapting a content that cannot be changed can get, we don’t get discouraged by tough jobs, they even boosted our creativity so that we succeeded to overcome all the limitations by the brand. This is how our amazing and funny visuals came out and became viral:







It wasn’t a surprise for us that the fans of the brand definitely liked the visuals and engaged emotionally with them much more than the engagement they showed to the standard visuals.

The first big campaign which we faced was an amazing cross-campaign between BMW and mall Galleria Burgas. The campaign had 2 objectives – to trigger interest to the organized by Galleria Burgas event “BMW Days” and to promote the Landing Page for the online test-drive booking and signed-up lists report:




Of course, our Landing Page was amazing, well-balanced and perfectly representing the sensation of this luxury cars class. The Landing Page was successfully communicated in the social networks and through Facebook & Google Ads and the booking results were far better than expected.



The other main objective of the campaign related to the event, also gained great success. Many people were interested, some of them already fans of the brand, as well as many new enthusiasts.


After the successful realization of this campaign, a series of small projects followed and they were related to the presentation of new models of the brand and once again promoting our Landing Page with test-drive bookings.





In the end of this adventure – our partnership with BMW, we can make the following conclusion: no matter how strict the brand rules are, no matter how many limitations we have, when we have passion, inspiration and motivation, we will certainly deliver good ideas and successful campaigns. Moreover, the limitations only stimulate the explosive creativity of our whole team and we are looking forward to getting similar further project. Follow us and stay tuned for news, more projects and inspiration.