The retail treasure of Panagyurishte – Pana Green Park

When we talk about creating a brand identity and positioning in the retail sector, we certainly have a lot to tell and show.

At the beginning of January 2021, when the business in the country was still recovering, we were contacted by ambitious entrepreneurs with a vision for the construction and development of the first retail park in one of the cities that have preserved a huge part of the Bulgarian history – Panagyurishte.

The first task we faced was about the brand name and its slogan. Excited and full of enthusiasm and creative energy, we dove in a brainstorm wrapped with centuries-old Bulgarian history, etymology and gold.

After a thorough research we came up with a name that successfully combines past, present and future – Pana Green Park. The insight is connected with the origin of the name of the town Panagyurishte, as well as with its location in Sashtinska Sredna Gora. The first part “pana” comes from the Greek “pan” (παν), which means “whole“, and the English “green” corresponds to the colors of the surrounding nature and implements the feeling of stability, freshness and space.

Pana Green Park is the only retail park in Panagyurishte and its future development includes the construction of a multifunctional building with administrative and sports areas, as well as a luxury Apart Complex. In the heart of his vision lays the desire for residents and guests of the city to find a new and innovative place that will take shopping to another level, thanks to the diverse mix of international brands that are opening their stores in the region for the first time. Inspired by this, we came to the brand’s slogan, which most accurately communicates the uniqueness of the retail park, as well as the vision for future development of a modern residential and office part – “The place for you“. The whole concept is aimed at target customers – active people between the ages of 18 and 55, who have not had such a place in the city until now.



The starting points used in the design were the Thracian gold treasure and the fractal lattice on the facade of the retail park. The shape and elements around the monogram present the distinctive features of one of the most interesting vessels of the Panagyurishte golden treasure – figona.

Immersed in the magic of creating a new brand, we created a luxury video that corresponds to the individuality and uniqueness of the retail park.

Pana Green Park’s brand identity was already a fact. Our clients were more than satisfied that we managed to realize their idea of a logo and slogan of a retail park, which would be in line with the future plans for a residential and office building.

Pana Green Park is the embodiment of everything necessary for both the guests of the park and its business partners. It includes a variety of international tenants, who offer a wide range of goods and services in the local market. Our task was also to further develop the corporate identity that would communicate the retail park in the best way to the B2B audience. For this purpose, we created a presentation that you can view here.

Business card

For the positioning of the brand in a digital environment and the creation of a pleasant and convenient online infrastructure for consumers, a fundamental step was the development of an informative and easy to use website. Its basis was the potential needs of the end user, Pana Green Park’s branding and our extensive experience in the retail sector. We divided the content in six categories, communicating the tenants of the retail park, the current promotions, conditions and entertainment offered by the retail park. We also integrated a map to focus on the convenient location of the building. The website adds value not only to users but also to tenants by regularly sharing current news, advertising campaigns, events and active promotions.

Pana Green Park is not only the only retail in Panagyurishte, but also combines modern architectural style with open spaces. It is the place for you that will convey a new dimension to shopping.

We believe that the retail sector needs good examples of development. Very soon Panagyurishte will complete the construction of its new treasure, and we are grateful that we managed to contribute to laying the solid foundations of a new brand and corporate identity.

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